4 Woes of Organizing a Meal

When beginning to solve a problem, a great place to start is the pain points–the frustrations people have with the current process.  LunchBunch started because of the pain points encountered when grabbing a meal with friends–these were our motivation to create the app.  I’ll address them from my perspective, and hopefully you can relate:

  1. Eating alone or with the same people every day.  I don’t plan who I am going to eat with, so when lunch rolls around at college (now at work), I need to make plans.  Usually this involves texting people who either don’t respond in time or who already have eaten.  Sometimes this results in eating alone, or if I’m with people in class or at work before lunch, we’ll end up going… for the 3rd time this week.  While eating with people I sit with may be easy, there are plenty of friends who I don’t see as often and would love to catch up with.  LunchBunch is the tool that tells me if these friends are available for lunch before it’s too late.  And hey, if you want to eat with the same people every day, LunchBunch will help you organize those meals too!
  2. Organizing a group for lunch is an unwieldy process.  I can create a group message about lunch, but then other people join, maybe some people aren’t in my contacts, and sometimes I end up texting on 5 different threads about the same plans.  LunchBunch consolidates this into one invitation that clearly shows who’s going and where and when we are meeting.  Once the meal is over, the invitation disappears, so I don’t need to worry about clutter in the app.
  3. Not remembering who I want to eat lunch with.  There are many people who I’d love to get a meal with, but I think about it before I go to sleep, not when it’s helpful–before lunch.  With bunches, I can easily group which people I want to get lunch with and broadcast to them first. If they aren’t available, I can edit my broadcast to include everyone else.  Or I can broadcast to everyone from the get go; whatever mood I’m in, LunchBunch makes it simple.
  4. Choosing where to get lunch. Soon, LunchBunch will be partnering with restaurants to make it easier for my buddies and me to decide where to eat.  I’ll be able to see local restaurants and the specials they’re offering–great if I’m on a budget but still want to go out with friends.

What pain points do you encounter when trying to grab a meal with others?  Share in the comments, and maybe LunchBunch can help to solve your lunchtime laments and dinner distresses!

Matt from The Bunch

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