How to use LunchBunch Effectively


Here at LunchBunch, we care about genuine relationships that are forged over face-to-face interaction and quality time spent with others.  Lunches (and other meals) are perfect times for this.

Planning meals is hard, and there are plenty of uncertain ones. For those times when you don’t have a plan, you probably want to know who’s available, and the awesome thing is that they want to know the exact same thing. LunchBunch is designed to find who is available right now to grab a meal with you, so you’ll know exactly the people to eat with.


1. Use the app with buddies

What are buddies you ask? They are your friends in real life—LunchBunch refers to them as buddies.

Currently, you can add buddies by username (just ask them for it!) or phone number (which LunchBunch can get from your contacts if you want).  If the phone number doesn’t match a user, we’ll ask if you want to text them about LunchBunch.

Having more buddies on LunchBunch means a better chance you’ll find people available for lunch when you’re hungry!

2. Make a bunch (or two)

A bunch is simply a group of buddies that only you can see.  You’ll see why these are useful in tip #3.

Useful bunch names might be “Best Friends 👯”, “Just Met 👋”, “Coworkers”, etc.


3. Broadcast when you’re looking for people to eat with

The broadcast button is on the main screen. It’s the big button on that screen when you open the app.  When you broadcast, you choose all the buddies who you want to eat with.  If those people also choose you in their broadcast, you will see them as a Hungry Buddy (see tip #4).  You can edit your broadcast at any time if you want to see if more people are available for a meal.

Like I said, when you broadcast, you are choosing buddies, however, this is done by selecting bunches.  Selecting a bunch is a convenient way to say, “I want to eat with anyone in this group of people.”  You will see selected buddies before they are broadcasted to, so feel free to check and uncheck multiple bunches.

(Pro Tip: On iOS—and coming soon to Android—you can select and hide individual buddies, so you can broadcast to a bunch plus or minus a few people if you want).

4. Invite some hungry buddies

Once you’ve broadcasted, you’ll see hungry buddies who have selected you in their broadcast.  Now you can select any number of hungry buddies to start an invitation with (see tip #5).

5. Plan lunch with ease using invitations

Invitations are messages designed for organizing meals. They include text messages as well as the start time and location of the meal. An invitation is editable so that it stays updated as your plans change.  Additionally, members can RSVP so you know who will be there.  You can also add any of your buddies (hungry or not) to an invitation.

(Note: If you add a buddy, they’ll only see messages from when they were added onward).

6. Stop broadcasting when you are done making plans

LunchBunch will be most effective this way!  If people see you as hungry when you aren’t, then they may not be sure when you actually are hungry.

See our FAQ for more info!

If you have any questions, feature requests, or words of encouragement, please leave them in the comments below!  All other complaints can be directed to our monkey–we promise he’s listening! 🙉

Matt from The Bunch

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