Lunch–Hold the Bunch

I have known about LunchBunch since the day its development started—even before that, really, when its concept was one outcome of several days of brainstorming between Matt, Ryan, and Brandon (The Bunch) early last April. I must admit, however, that I have not loved LunchBunch since the day it started. (Which is probably bad, considering Matt is my fiancé.)

I had my hesitations. From the moment the idea first sprung into existence, to the moment I saw the beta-testing release, even until the moment that the live app was on my phone and in my hands—I was hesitant. I was not hesitant that LunchBunch would succeed and be used by many people—only that it would be used by me.

Ask Matt, and he will tell you that throughout the development of LunchBunch, I have been both his biggest fan and his most annoying critic. I was skeptical.

“My friends won’t use LunchBunch.”

“My school is too small, and we only have one place to eat. We usually just walk in and find somebody.”

“I usually eat by myself if I only have a few minutes in between classes.”

I wouldn’t call myself Negative Nancy, but I wanted to be sure that LunchBunch would achieve what it needed to for the audience it was meant to. Some days I didn’t like the colors; some days I thought the swiping function between screens was too slow. (In fact, the last time I was with Matt, he confessed that he only asks me about LunchBunch when he is feeling particularly open-minded and patient.)

The date was November 10, 2015, and LunchBunch had been available for download for three days–-but I hadn’t used it yet. “It isn’t practical for me,” I thought. It was 5:00pm, and I was hungry—but it was dark, raining and I was considering eating microwave popcorn for dinner instead of walking six cold, lonely minutes to the Dining Commons at school.

Then, it occurred to me that now would be the perfect time to try this LunchBunch thing. I started broadcasting to my mere 12 buddies, and to my surprise, three of them were also broadcasting. I wrote an invitation for 5:07pm at the Dining Commons, and suddenly, I was eating a meal with eight friends—all because of LunchBunch. That night, not only were we eating a meal initiated by LunchBunch, but so were at least two other groups of people in the same room!

Since the launch of LunchBunch, I have been the recipient of admiration, applause, and constructive criticism on behalf of The Bunch, and it has been incredible to see people all over using something on their personal phones that The Bunch dreamt of, created and now actually exists. Thanks to LunchBunch, people are easily partaking in meals together, and enjoying one of the most valuable aspects of community—whether that is in a large corporation or a small university (or anything in between).

Happy LunchBunching!

Megan (kind of) from The Bunch

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