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When you’re learning something new, sometimes it’s nice to have a cheat sheet to reference, so we’ve compiled a list of some LunchBunch terms to help you keep track. Some of these terms are self-explanatory, but we included them for completeness and to make you aware of all of the current features.

  • Buddy: Users you are connected with in LunchBunch. To become buddies, one of you must send the other a buddy request, and the other must accept it.
  • Bunch: Buddies are organized into bunches. A bunch can have one or more members, and no one can see your bunches except for you. When you broadcast or create an invitation, you can select bunches and/or buddies, so bunches make it easier to choose multiple buddies quickly.
  • Broadcast: When you are hungry, you use broadcasting to let specific bunches/buddies know. In order to see who else is hungry, three conditions need to be met: 1.) you must be buddies, 2.) you must both be hungry, and 3.) you must both be broadcasting to each other. This means that buddies you aren’t broadcasting to will never see that you are hungry. When selecting bunches to broadcast to, you can lock or hide individual buddies. Locking and hiding buddies allows you to override bunch selection.
    • Locked Buddy: This buddy will be broadcast to–even if he or she isn’t a member of a selected bunch.
    • Hidden Buddy: This buddy will not be broadcast to–even if he or she is a member of selected bunch.
  • Invitation: Sending an invitation initiates a message thread for organizing a meal. Invited members can RSVP, send messages, and modify the invitation (unless it is locked).
    • RSVP: Invitation members can RSVP “going” or “not going”, which will automatically send a message to the invitation members. To see who is going, you can scroll through past messages or check the invitation members list where their RSVPs are listed.
    • Message: Text messages (with emoji support! 🎉 🙌) can be sent between invitation members for communication beyond RSVP–location details, etc. or just chatting! Automatic messages are sent when members RSVP, when the time/location of the invitation is modified, and when users are added to the invitation.
    • Modify Invitation: Assuming that the user who created the invitation didn’t lock it, invitation members can change the time and/or location of the invitation and/or invite other users. Only buddies can be added to an invitation, but they do not need to be buddies with everyone in the invitation.
    • Locked Invitation: When you create an invitation, you have the option to lock it to prevent members from editing details. If you lock an invitation, only you can change the time, location, and invitee list. You can also lock/unlock an invitation after you create it.

Still have questions? Is there another term we should add? Please let us know in the comments below!

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