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Teamwork requires effective communication, clear divisions of responsibility, and efficient workflows. When it comes to productivity tools, there are so many options that sometimes more work can be put into picking the right one than into actually completing the project! I’ve put together a list of three great tools that could make your next project a little bit easier to manage. Hopefully, it helps to narrow your search!


Whether you are working solo, with a partner, or with a whole team, Trello breaks down projects into tasks that are easy to manage and track. The online interface and mobile app feature a board containing lists. You create a card for each task and place it in the list associated with that task. For example, LunchBunch has a list for new features. Some cards on that list might be “Add Buddy from Contacts” and “Emoji Support”. Users can add a description and due date to the card, and anyone on the team can comment on the card to share their thoughts. Cards can be assigned to a user to make it easy to see who is responsible for which tasks. The card owner creates checklists to update as the task nears completion. Trello is very easy to use and great for keeping projects on track.

Google Apps for Work

Gmail is the most-popular email service in the world, and Google Apps for Work allows you to use Gmail with your own domain name which gives your business a more-professional appearance. While the pricing is worth it for that reason alone, it also comes with 30GB of Google Drive space and a bunch of other integrations that come with Gmail accounts. For example, included are Google Hangouts (which is great for internal meetings and meetings outside of your company), Google Calendar, and Google Docs. Google Docs documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings don’t count towards your 30GB of Drive storage, which is a nice bonus!

You can use Google Voice with your account as well. Google Voice gives you a phone number (for free!) that you can attach to your existing work, home, and/or cell phone(s). You can schedule different phones to ring and configure multiple voicemail greetings depending on the time of day, who’s calling, etc.

Google Apps for Work is a must-have for any small business, and Google Voice is a nice feature to separate personal and work calls.


Of all the tools we use at LunchBunch, Slack is my favorite. “Slack is a messaging app for teams that is on a mission to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.” This is how Slack describes itself on its website, and I think that sums it up very well. Communication is organized in channels. So your business might have separate channels for marketing, sales, design, and development. This way, team members can join discussions that they need to be part of, and all of the messages stay organized.

Slack also offers features for sharing files and has plenty of third-party integrations–including Trello and Google Apps for Work–which make it a powerful service. The desktop application and mobile app make team communication extremely efficient. Additionally, the free tier is remarkably generous, and it doesn’t expire.

A list of only three services is pretty short, but I think these are great solutions for teams of all sizes and needs. Do you have any favorite tools your team likes to use? Let me know in the comments below!

Ryan from The Bunch

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