Understanding Bunches

Creating bunches is the best way to organize your LunchBunch buddies.  Buddies can be placed in as many or as few bunches as you want, and your bunches are private; only you can see who the members are of each of your bunches.  Organizing buddies into bunches is similar to creating music playlists.  You may create playlists for different moods or for different activities, and some playlists may have the same song.  Bunches serve a similar function.

When you broadcast, you select bunches to notify.  So if you often eat with your roommates, you may want to have a “Roommates” bunch that you can select with a single tap.  Bunches make it easy to select multiple buddies without having to scroll through all of your connections each time you plan a meal.

Just like you may want to skip a song without removing it from the playlist, it’s also easy to modify a bunch temporarily during broadcast.  For example, let’s say that you are broadcasting to one of your bunches but would rather not notify one of the buddies in it.  During broadcast, you can choose to hide that buddy to prevent him or her from being notified that you are hungry.  This is a temporary state that is described in more detail in our Understanding Broadcasting post.

Bunches make it super simple to notify the right people that you are hungry.  So we encourage you to create bunches of bunches!  Roommates, classmates, coworkers, and teammates are great places to start looking for bunches.  Clubs, networking groups, and other organizations also makes great bunches.  Whether you eat with the same people most days, or you want to organize your buddies in an effort to eat with new people, bunches make it easy to find others to eat with.

Ryan from The Bunch

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