Understanding Invitations

LunchBunch invitations make communication much simpler–and more effective–than group text messages and emails. Invitations combine the benefits of sending messages to your friends with the ability to RSVP with a few taps.

Meal details are provided at the top of LunchBunch invitations–this includes when and where to meet as well as the names of everyone who has been invited.  When you create an invitation, you can choose to lock it so that you are the only one with the ability to modify the event details (start time, location, and invitee list).  This is especially useful for large groups.  If an invitation is not locked, any invitee may suggest a different start time or location or invite additional buddies, which is useful for lunch plans that happen on-the-fly.  When an invitation is updated, all invitees are notified immediately.

RSVP’ing to an invitation is super simple; simply tap the RSVP button to the left of the text-entry box and select your response.  When you RSVP, the rest of the group will be notified.  Instead of scrolling through a list of text messages or email replies to see what everyone said (and having to read everything in case someone changed his or her mind), you can see from the list of invitation members who is going, who can’t make it, and who hasn’t yet responded–all at a glance.  (For your convenience, when you create an invitation, your RSVP is set automatically to “accepted”).

We hope you like the flow of LunchBunch invitations and that they make meal planning easier for you.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments!

Ryan from The Bunch

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